Mt. Kalugong; 2017

                       The silence of nature is very real. It surrounds you, you can feel it. – Ted Trueblood (outdoor writer and conservationist).

Mt. Kalugong is a an eco park located in Barangay Cruz, La Trinidad Benguet. The eco park features its quiet ambiance along with views of La Trinidad and cool rock formations.


I first visited this eco park a year ago(2016), my favorite aspect about this place is the ambiance. Being surrounded by nature is relaxing. Although there is a cafe, you are allowed to bring snacks to enjoy at their picnic area. Another thing I enjoy aside from the view and the ambiance are the swings and the hammocks, a few are present in the beginning  of the trail. I feel like a happy kid whenever I use them (lol). This place is perfect for people who needs to relax. Their Cafe offers a variety of different cakes, coffee, and other cold beverages.



(Photos by me: @illustradr)

How to get there:

(By Public Transportation)

Ride a jeep that is La Trinidad bound and ask if it goes all the way to Barangay Cruz. The fare is Php 12.50 for regular and Php 10.00 for a student/senior citizens. Most drivers are already familiar with Mt. Kalugong so just ask them to drop you of there. If you want to be sure, there should be a sign that looks like this on the side of the road:



The only set back with this is that public transportation doesn’t go all the way up to the entrance of Mt. Kalugong. There’s a steep hike that’s about 20 minutes long.


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