Mt. Kalugong; 2017

                       The silence of nature is very real. It surrounds you, you can feel it. – Ted Trueblood (outdoor writer and conservationist).

Mt. Kalugong is a an eco park located in Barangay Cruz, La Trinidad Benguet. The eco park features its quiet ambiance along with views of La Trinidad and cool rock formations.


I first visited this eco park a year ago(2016), my favorite aspect about this place is the ambiance. Being surrounded by nature is relaxing. Although there is a cafe, you are allowed to bring snacks to enjoy at their picnic area. Another thing I enjoy aside from the view and the ambiance are the swings and the hammocks, a few are present in the beginning  of the trail. I feel like a happy kid whenever I use them (lol). This place is perfect for people who needs to relax. Their Cafe offers a variety of different cakes, coffee, and other cold beverages.



(Photos by me: @illustradr)

How to get there:

(By Public Transportation)

Ride a jeep that is La Trinidad bound and ask if it goes all the way to Barangay Cruz. The fare is Php 12.50 for regular and Php 10.00 for a student/senior citizens. Most drivers are already familiar with Mt. Kalugong so just ask them to drop you of there. If you want to be sure, there should be a sign that looks like this on the side of the road:



The only set back with this is that public transportation doesn’t go all the way up to the entrance of Mt. Kalugong. There’s a steep hike that’s about 20 minutes long.


Mt. Ulap Trip

                    “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings”                                 – John Muir


Mt. Ulap: Ampucao, Itogon Benguet



[photo and video credits: @understvtement]

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I hike. On this particular day, I went to Mt. Ulap in Itogon, Benguet with some of my friends. Mt. Ulap has 3 peaks, and along the way you see many views more beautiful than the last. Aside from the view of other towns and mountains, you can even see the Ocean. On the last part of our hike, there were stores that sold food and souvenirs. If you’re lucky and stop at a certain store, you might get to taste delicious avocado ice candy. It took us 6.5 hours to finish the hike. The hike was difficult, but it was worth it.

– ACTUAL DATE 6/12/17

HOW TO GET THERE (BY JEEPNEY)                                                                                                   Baguio City

  1. The jeepneys are located near Centermall, just ask for the ones that go to Mt. Ulap. The fare is around Php. 33.00.
  2. They will drop you of near the city hall where you need to register and pay for an entrance fee and a tour guide fee. Students will be discounted with valid ID. The entrance fee is Php 100.00 and Php 50.00 for students. The tour guide was             Php 600.00  . The hike could usually take up to 8 hours, depending on how fast you go. Restrooms can be found halfway through the trail.


TIP: Lots of water and sunscreen


NOTE: Camping is available for Php 1,800.00 a night (1,000 for a maximum of 10 people and 800 for the tour guide)


The Beginning




“the point in time or space at which something starts.”

I have lived in Baguio City for the most part of my life. Most of my childhood was spent school and at home and I didn’t go out much. I liked going out but I somehow I never appreciated what was around me, as I do right now. One of the things about me is that I have lived in the city for most of my life but I haven’t seen everything or at least most of it, and because of this, I am unable to give proper directions to tourists. Almost a year ago, I started to go on explorations with someone I knew from class. He is someone who loves exploring, and he explored places or views in Baguio I didn’t even know about. I was lucky enough to see amazing views and explore interesting places because of my friend, and those adventures led me to go and have my own. Today I am someone who has a more curious mind that longs for adventure.